Repairing "botched" Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Khan is experienced at correcting other surgeons' eyelid problems because eyelids are his area of highest specialization. If you are referred to Dr. Khan because of a problem after an eyelid surgery, it does not necessarily mean that anything was done wrong by the first surgeon.

With the human body, one can never be certain of the outcome. Nonetheless, patients still have to deal with the correction of unsatisfactory results. The exact corrective procedure depends upon the problem. Below are some representative problems and corrections.

Please note that due to the added difficulty of reoperation, the usual cosmetic surgeon's fees are doubled when correcting problems due to prior surgery performed elsewhere.

Below are actual photos of patient's Dr. Khan has corrected. Please note that any recognizable photos are only used if the patient has given permission.

Before - Patient had surgery elsewhere resulting in retracted and pulled down lower eyelids.

After - Skin graft avoided and lids lifted after internal midface cheeklift by Dr. Khan.

Before - Uneven upper eyelids and lower eyelids after surgery elsewhere. Droopy left upper eyelid. Extra skin and fat in both upper eyelids. Droopy left lower eyelid.

After - Upper eyelids and lower eyelids evened out after corrective upper and lower eyelid surgery by Dr. Khan.

Before - Patient came to Dr. Khan because of too much skin left in the left upper eyelid resulting in unven appearance.

After - Improved appearance after resetting the left upper eyelid crease.


Before - Patient had retracted left upper eyelid that wouldn't close fully after left ptosis and blepharoplasty repair performed by another doctor.
After - The left upper eyelid internal scar tissue was released to allow the eyelid to be set at a more natural and comfortable position.