Syringoma In-Office Treatment and Pricing

We have been treating eyelid syringomas for over 25 years. Many patients we see have been disappointed with their prior laser, cryo, or chemical peel treatments. This is because the syringoma is a glandular structure underneath the skin and will not respond well to superficial treatment. As well, if it is not completely removed or destroyed, it will regrow.

We use radiofrequency, Waterlase, or scissors micro-excision to completely remove the entire syringoma in-office under local anesthesia. This leaves a raw surface that is the size of the syringoma. This heals over three weeks and is red at first, but then fades to a pale flat white scar. In essence, you are trading an elevated bump that cannot be covered for a less noticable flat white scar that can be covered with foundation or concealer if needed.

The initial treatment consists of one or two test excisions ($150) to be sure you are happy with the results. After that, multiple syringomas are removed at a single setting. If they are tightly packed or very numerous, more than one session is necessary. When patients have a lot of syringomas, we generally treat one eyelid at a time ($500 per eyelid per session). Overall satisfaction rates are very high.

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